CKS advantage

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  • Family owned & operated
  • Nearly 4 decades of rigid packaging expertise
  • State-of-the-art-in-house Design Center (Studio G)
  • Scalable production platforms
  • Speed-to-market concept commercialization for custom projects
  • Flexibility to move molds & machinery

Innovation Pioneers

CKS Packaging has an established record of accomplishment for innovation. We have been recognized for pioneering numerous developments in rigid plastics, including a few examples listed here:

  • Commercialized first plastic Carbonated Soft Drink bottle (2L PET)
  • Commercialized first non-round PET bottle
  • Extruded handle ware containers in clear PETG, and then EPET
  • Wide Mouth PET jars, made from 100% recycled PET
  • Containers made with UV-degradable/compostable additive
  • Lightweight container designs across multiple market segments
  • Barrier HDPE – utilizing Kortrax® BR (BARRIER RESIN)


Production & Technology

CKS offers all major resins including PET, HDPE, PP, PVC, PETG, EPET, RPET, and RHDPE in all our
key market segments: beverage, food, household, ag-chem, automotive, industrial, and specialty.

Our extensive production platforms include:

  • 422+ active machines
  • 1 Step and 2 Step PET
  • Continuous extrusion shuttles
  • Reciprocating extrusion systems
  • Injection molding (PET preforms)
  • Barrier and co-extrusion

Our decorating capabilities include labeling, stretch sleeving, and inline soft touch silk screening.

Studio G, our state-of-the-art in-house design center offers ideation, validation, and live production through our experienced technical design team. Visit Studio G here. 

Operation Excellence

When it comes to operations and manufacturing, CKS always strives for excellence. Our quality system, “Operation Excellence” (OE), starts with our management team and continues with each employee as company “stewards” assuring quality products and services to our customers.

CKS has developed a strategic management and operating philosophy that will provide sustainable growth through process improvement and quality bottles and services to our customers. Our OE management system, “OEMS”, is customer-focused, management-led, strategic, and has a systematic approach to continuous improvement through total employee involvement.