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Trace our journey, from the humble beginnings of a small plastics company to our current status as a trusted leader and top 10 blow molder in North America.

CKS Packaging, a family-owned and operated Covenant Company, is a nationwide manufacturer and global supplier of extrusion/blow and injection molded rigid plastic containers. We own and operate 27 plants in the continental United States with manufacturing platforms across multiple technologies. We provide containers for a variety of consumer goods and industrial products including beverage, food, household, ag-chem, automotive, industrial, and specialty. With close to 70 years of experience in plastics manufacturing, CKS has acquired the product design and technical expertise that has made us the industry leader for innovative and cost-effective packaging and branding solutions.

Although CKS has been a leader in the plastics manufacturing industry for almost four decades, our story began when our founder Charles K. Sewell's family business, Sewell Dairy Supply Company in Atlanta Georgia, serviced many dairies across the southeast with paper milk cartons and glass containers. 

With the introduction of the plastic dairy gallon, Charles convinced his Dad to enter the blow molding plastic manufacturing industry to produce their plastic dairy gallon containers and various other plastic containers. In 1965, Charles and his brother established Sewell Plastics and they were off to the races! 

In 1970, Charles and his brother sold Sewell Plastics to The Dorsey Corporation, and he remained with the company as the President. Due to the relationship between The Dorsey Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company, Sewell Plastics was able to manufacture and supply the first 2-liter carbonated beverage container ever filled and sold by Coca-Cola in 1977. Charles left Sewell Plastics in 1982 and upon his completion of his non-compete contract, he established CKS Packaging in 1985. 

Today, CKS Packaging is still privately owned and operated by Mr. Sewell and three of Mr. Sewell's sons, John, Drew, and Scott Sewell. While actively running the business along with an accomplished Senior Management Group, the same philosophy continues of seeking God's Will, putting our customers first, and providing top-quality service. In addition to our customers, our employees continue to be our greatest asset! 


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