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See what happens when LOVE comes to town

“What are YOU going to do about it?”

In 2007, Drew Sewell, the Vice President of CKS Packaging at the time, was challenged by the Lord and these eight short words, “What are you going to do about it?”

Little did Drew know that a chance sighting of a young teenage girl about the same age as his daughters, alone and bewildered on the streets of southwest Atlanta would have such an impact on his life. In that life-changing moment, Drew accepted the Lord’s challenge and he did something about it, resulting in many lives changing as well. 

Today, Drew and his team at Maximum Impact Love, Inc.; a 501c outreach ministry, have enriched the lives of more than 50,000 people.

Commited to Giving Back

  • Since 2007 a continued legacy of strong community involvement and  charitable giving (501c)

  • Vast distribution of groceries to various communities in need

  • Love Box Program (EBT/SNAP) 

  • Multiple events throughout the year (Spring Grocery Give-Away, Back-to-School, and Christmas)

  • The MIL 2nd Chance Program

  • Annual MIL Charity Golf Outing


2007 - Drew Sewell’s Story. How It All Started.

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To donate, volunteer or learn more about Maximum Impact Love, please visit: MIL

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